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Advanced Consumer Journey Optimization

There are many points in the consumer journey where you can assure them that you are a trusted source.

By captures digital behavior on consumers' desktops, mobile devices, and tablets, you gain an overall assessment of how consumers find you. When it come...

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Local SEO SERP Features Optimization


Gaining stronger visibility in the Google Local Map Pack

Hill Web Marketing offers the following services:
* See how volatile the SERP features per niche are for your top search queries.
* See if your site or your competition gains or loses a SERP feature.
* Find and select the most stable local...

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Site Performance Optimization

Development on JavaScript and boilerplate code must be kept actively updated. Be very deliberate in the choice of a theme. WordPress/development technology, user’s preference, Google guidelines, best practices, browsers, devices, virus, new vulnerabilities, etc. – a...

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PPC Reaches More Digital Shoppers

Digital Marketing and paid search marketers may now find it best to use more campaigns to fit local search algorithms. Depending on the kinds of business in a given geographic area, Google Ads will adjust bids according to search volume within a specified locati...

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Optimizing for Google Maps; the do-everything App

With mobile devices being in the hands of more people “near me” searches on Google Maps increased 150 percent over the former year, according to Google parent Alphabet’s chief financial officer Ruth M. Porat said at an investor event Q1...

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Fix Product Schema Errors and Warnings


This form of schema is ideal for an eCommerce site and provides a vital means of getting the right information out to shoppers. Consumers seek out review ratings and product details.

When people receive more detailed glimpses of what it would mean to buy from your business versus another source,...

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Benefits of SEO Audits Business Can’t Afford to Miss

The digital space that your online business is in is constantly changing. Because of this, your website can benefit from weekly Search Engine Optimization checks. How effective your website was yesterday in converting leads may have become les...

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Google Knowledge Card Optimization

Google has shaken up the search marketing industry with its new Knowledge Graph in recent years. It offers a great opportunity for businesses to gain new levels of visibility in search engine results.

Its content is displayed in a large info box that is right ...

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Google Local Pack Optimization

Your business can gain more visibility in Google Maps search results by following the basic strategies of local pack optimization.

Getting your company featured in Google’s local 3-pack, Google Snack Pack, or Google Maps Pack may improve the number of your store v...

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Digital Marketing

  • Digital content marketing management

    Define your business goals that will hub your content marketing strategies, help you plan, manage and optimize using our experience, user insights, and current trends. With the increasing importance of content driving commercial successes, content is not something to ask an intern to manage; it needs a strategy to ensure it really supports marketing. Businesses are getting serious about treating their online content as a strategic resource, which means developing a customer-centric approach. And if more customers are finding you on mobile, that forces marketers to prioritize a mobile content marketing strategy. Semantics and words matter. Address buyer-based questions in your content. 8 High-level Ways to Revitalize Your Content Strategy Begin with 1. Align Your Marketing Messages with the Consumer, 2. Align Your Marketing Messages with Your Goals, 3. Place Your Priority Content Correctly, 4. Keep your Content To the Point, 5. Create Scannable Content. Address costs, problems, reviews
  • Technical SEO Website Audit, Web Fixes, And Solutions

    Businesses often need help to find their site strengths, weakness, and pin point advanced opportunities to win featured snippets found in search engine page results (SERPs).A technical website audit reveals hidden “site health” issues that may impede your progress in gaining visibility in SERPs as well as to identify topical lapses across your entire website that your viewers want information on. It will take a look at foundational site SEO issues and much more. Shortened user attention spans, more devices, the fast adoption of mobile search, higher levels of Internet use, very specific markup for Aggregated Reviews, and more intense completion all add up. Your business needs the benefits of a clean and healthy website that doesn’t send search engines packing. We can help you gain every advantage possible once we learn what is broken, if it is your JSON-LD for an image, or structured data markup for a product, or whatever, and what opportunities are waiting for the taking.
  • Mobile Optimization

    Successful Mobile Optimization Requires Dedicated TimeMobile optimization stands on it owns and merits being treated that way. Unfortunately, this truth involves crafting a new strategy for strong mobile rankings and addressing it separately is a ton of skilled work. All too often mobile optimizers try to reduce the process to a quick modification of desktop SEO tactics and ride on the hope that they work on mobile. We prefer embracing mobile’s strengths, which naturally makes less mobile’s weaknesses.There is no reason to hold visitors hostage on a small mobile site. Make it easy for them to save an item in their shopping cart and come back later. Cross-device shopping should be anticipated as many a single buying experience takes place over time and across multiple devices. Make the effort to setup more analytics tracking and see how your mobile version is (hopefully) supporting your desktop version.Reading and understanding your mobile web analytics can get considerably complex
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    Drive Retail ShoppingAdding structured data to a site demands that webmasters keep their code current. This aspect of mobile SEO is rapidly changing and favoring Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).Shoppers don’t wait. You have to be immediate, relevant, and show up wherever they are. Online companies that are taking a larger slice of retail sales have figured out that “fast = more revenue,” and so they accommodate consumers’ insatiable demand for instant answers. In this way, they build a strategic retail advantage.It doesn’t require a huge monitory investment to deliver more speed. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) program is both free and open-source. AdWords advertisers can still use the technology to serve faster AMP landing pages that provide a critical edge in a crowded retail niche. Mobile’s expanding role can be found in every step of the customer journey. Having a strong mobile presence is essential for improving your brand awareness and revenue streams.
  • Google Assistant Directory Page Setup / Optimization

    1. At this time you have to already have the right type of content for Google to send you a notice.2. Claim Your Actions Directory Page – If you don’t already have one, watch for a Google Search Console notification to help you claim your actions directory page. Then you can customize it, or unpublish it f that is preferred.3. Make Customizations –After taking the steps to own your Google Assistant directory page, it is possible to edit your name, description, and brand logo so that you can suggest how they are displayed by Google Assistant. If this directory page remains unclaimed, the search giant’s auto-generated version will still function and the actions available will still work with Google Assistant.Go to Actions on Google. Its a platform for developers gave for extending the Google Assistant’s reach. This robust and emerging ecosystem lets you develop actions to engage users on Google Home, Pixel, and many other surfaces where the Google Assistant is expanding to.
  • Schema Markup Audits for Discovery SEO Opportunities

    As ourMinneapolis digital marketing services evolve more into the Semantic Web, we can help your business engaging Google Schema Mark-up data to improve your site’s visibility. By conducting a Schema Markup Audit, you can discover new ways to integrate website semantics and avoid penalties.Schema markup website audits can bring shoppers to your businesses. A 2016 Professional’s SEO’s Website Audit Checklist will now include a dedicated focus on how well a website is able to be rewarded with rich snippet results. As the world of search optimization evolves, so must your technical SEO audits. For example, recently we gained new changes to prove factual content with ClaimReview markup. Google now requires an image for schema in order to produce an image in their search results: a GIF, video, or recipe is markup up so that it can gain visibility. The edge that SEO experts can offer over amateurs is the ability to take overwhelming amounts of data and make meaningful decisions from it.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization

    Whether a small business, medium size, or a digital manager working with enterprise-level clients, the importance of SEO is clear. With 82% marketers reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of those queried believe that SEO’s effectiveness is increasing significantly. Analyzing the importance of your top SEO strategic priorities, matching them to who you have to execute them, and identifying the most challenging barriers to overcome yields a balanced and successful advertising strategy.As more businesses mature their search tactics, it’s no surprise that companies must continually improve to vie for a blue link in organic SERPs or AdWords auction. People and bots are looking for who has the best answer, which means that your competitors are getting smarter at SEO, so the chance to get found by shoppers much be a major factor in your SEO strategy for 2018. A skilled SEO consultant can create integrated SEO marketing campaigns that produce better results. We audit, implement, lead
  • Google Posts Service

    Google Posts are a way to get exclusive exposure in SERPs. We have a team of writers that are knowledgeable across most niches. Our services include keyword research and semantic search concepts. For our SEO clientele, we thread the posts into your latest news or fresh content or wherever you need a boost.


4 months ago
Hill Web Creations has solved our most difficult SEO problems and is always quick to respond to our questions. Highly recommended!
- Robert R
a year ago
Jeannie is a true professional with incredible knowledge of the internet . She has done an amazing job taking over our SEO marketing and the rework of our websites. We could not be happier with her. I strongly recommend Hill Web Creations
- Scott R
a year ago
Google Maps Marketing implemented by Hill Web Creations has been a help in getting my site noticed by prospective clients. I recommend! More clients are searching from a mobile device today, and so having your business found on Google Maps contributes to those searches.
- William N

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