Posted on Apr 19, 2021

Hill Web Creations LLC

Creating the Best Google Post Types

Some businesses’ Google Posts are now
showing up on maps and gaining usefulness across the tech giant’s platforms. If you haven’t been publishing them, and can, we suggest that you take advantage of this FREE way to show up in search.

We make the most of Google Postings by including the following:
- Make the best use of the title (avoiding all caps)
- Call to action
- Special offers
- Creating a sense of urgency and value
- Images (not stock photography) that relate to the post, are compelling, and incorporate the best use of text
- Use emojis
- Make the best post type selection (Offer, What’s New, Product, COVID-19 posts) that fits the purpose of the post

If you like help or to partner and gain the advantages of Google Posting, this article linked to below show you how.
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