Posted on Jun 10, 2021

Hill Web Creations LLC

A Content Strategy For E-A-T and YMYL

How much the Google E-A-T update impacts your site depends on many factors. One thing is clear, it changes how Google ranks YMYL content, meaning that healthcare sites' E-A-T content strategy may need to adjust.

Creating Healthcare sites E-A-T Content Strategy to meet YMYL criteria involves the following:

1. Know where demand exists for new content.
2. Increase organic traffic exponentially using “Content Clusters”.
3. Have a clear purpose and identify the right content type.
4. Use entities, nodes, and edges to add content to Knowledge Graphs.
5. Become trusted for queries trigging featured snippets.
6. Fact-check your content and cite your sources.
7. Use semantic search to add context that helps topic entities get identified.
8. Write for your audience and create a good User Experience.
9. Build trust through patient, doctor, and consumer reviews.
10. Use topic expert authors to prove authoritativeness.

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